Bookkeeping Service Agreement Template Australia

The client undertakes to hire the accountant as an independent contractor. The accountant is not considered an employee, broker or client representative. The accountant is solely responsible for withholding all applicable taxes on payments made by the customer for services provided in accordance with this accounting contract. Each party can terminate this accounting contract by providing 30 days of written notification by authenticated mail to the counterparty. If this contract is terminated, all services provided (but not yet charged) will be billed in accordance with the terms of payment of this contract. The most striking feature of this agreement is the optional provision for the intellectual property license developed by the accounting company. You`re probably developing tools that save you time or allow your client to work without you. These can be report models or tables with macros or a data collection process. This IP address is valuable (even if it is limited to the replacement cost), so you need to make sure you have the rights and can reuse it for other customers. This contract contains provisions to ensure that the IP developed in the course of a client`s work stays with you and not that of your client.

Your client will know that if the contract is terminated, he loses the benefit of using the IP. PandaTip: The terms of this contract are common for outsourced accounting services contracts. Of course, we recommend that you have a licensed lawyer reviewed to ensure that your contract meets all legal requirements for the area in which you are doing business. The accountant provides the client with the following services: Accounts that have debts are the preparation of the general accounting Budget Financial Report Bank Account Vote main payroll, we need a report on the date on which the terms of this agreement are active. In “VI. Term, you must select one of three checkbox instructions to define when the accountant should work for the client. If the accountant has to work for a period of time, check the “Fixed Period” box. If this is the case, you should enter the first calendar date at which the accountant should work in the first two empty lines, then the final calendar date of his job in the last two empty lines. If the employment agreement begins on a specific date and continues until further notice, check the second box (“Period in progress”).

The two empty lines of this selection have been provided to allow you to report the first calendar date at which the accountant starts working. If you wish, you can activate the third checkbox (“Other”), and then give a description of how the accountant`s first and last days of work are determined. In the seventh section, “VII. “Termination,” we will report on the end of this agreement and, therefore, the use of the accounting/client relationship that we are debating here. If this agreement continues until it is “terminated by both parties,” check the first box and note how many days the termination of the other party`s agreement on the empty line in the words “… At least. If only the customer can end this relationship, check the second box.


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