Capstone Lease Agreement

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about rent and the use of our rents. If the information here does not answer a particular question or if you simply want to discuss it in person, call our office (740) 592-2177 and we will be happy to help. You are certainly cordially invited to have a weekend visitor; However, if your visitor becomes the permanent tenant of the rent, you must inform the management so that we can adapt the rental contract accordingly. If you have a visitor to Capstone Village, you must also receive a parking card to prevent your car from being towed. The Courtyards and South Campus Commons are our private and public student communities. The Courtyards and South Campus Commons were built on university grounds and are managed by a private management company, Capstone On-Campus Management. Students who are renting at The Courtyards or South Campus Commons must be approved by the Department of Resident Life. Students living in these communities sign leases with Capstone On-Campus Management, not the Department of Residential Life, as they do for campus residences. Our teams are always in our communities and ready to help. Our offices are open to accessible businesses; However, we recommend calling in advance for an appointment if you need to meet our community with an employee or visit.

In order to limit personal contact, we encourage all residents to use our online portal (connection via the site) for payments and for filing maintenance requests without emergency delivery. We also ask you to call or email or contact us with accommodation issues. Meeting most of your needs remotely will greatly reduce the potential for infection. If you need to visit our leasing office, please note that masks are required to enter. Amenity – Common Spaces While we realize that you and your family may face uncertainties regarding employment or source of income, we are currently unable to exempt residents from rental obligations. To alleviate the financial difficulties and difficulties that many residents may face in the coming months, we have implemented several new strategies. Please be aware that we are actively studying local and national financial resources for residents in financial difficulty. We also encourage all residents in distress to explore emergency shelters that may be available near you.


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