Financial Services Fee Agreement

This is our standard customer agreement that we want to rely on. For your own benefit and protection, you should carefully read these conditions before continuing with our service. If you don`t understand, we ask for more information. We must take all necessary measures to achieve the best possible result on your behalf if we abandon or pass on your instructions to buy or sell an investment. This is called “best execution.” We have an obligation to put in place our best enforcement policy, to give a summary and to get your agreement on our best enforcement policy. A summary is available in Appendix I and, at the signing of this agreement, you accept this directive. Get more general information about you and your financial situation if necessary. We will always vote on the amount of this compensation and your payment options before proceeding with the agreed financial planning project. Our level of commitment and activity will confirm the delivery costs and specific service.

We will not charge you a fee until you agree on how we will be paid. Depending on the schedule. Whether or not you buy a product, we charge a fee for our independent advisory and financial planning services. Our total upfront fee is subject to a minimum amount of $1,700. Below are some typical fees, z.B. for services: Please note that you have the option to terminate the selected option at any time, and then your financial planning service ends with Chapters Financial Limited. This can be revived by further negotiations. This document sets out the basis on which we will do business with you and on your behalf. This is our standard customer agreement and we intend to rely on our fee commitment and the scope of the work. This is an important document, and for your own benefit and protection, please read it carefully before continuing with our service. If you are unsure of any of its conditions, please contact us for a statement. Our standard service can be customized to meet your specific financial planning needs and generally includes:- Chapters Financial offers a professional financial planning service to meet your evolving needs throughout your life.

Our team has the experience and skills to provide independent financial advice and personalized planning solutions that help you achieve your future financial goals, your family, your business or your charity. We will regularly remind you of the importance of financial auditing, but it will be your decision whenever you need an audit. Chapters Financial Limited provides independent financial advice and therefore provides investment services and distributes products from across the market and from a number of non-investment insurance insurers (i.e. concept insurance, critical medical coverage, permanent health insurance, private health insurance) based on a comprehensive and fair market analysis. This client agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We will contact invitations to arrange a financial audit in accordance with your audit schedule. If you request a financial review, this will generally include:- The investment platforms and product suppliers we use/recommend provide a variety of product technical information and legislation as well as online tools that allow us to visualize the performance of customer portfolios and collect other data to support our communications with customers.

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