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I`m going to see a disabled service provider with back problems and an athitis that gets worse every year. My mutal agreement was to apply for at least 6 jobs per fourteen days and get work in my capacity up to 20 hours a week. I moved home, so I had to change suppliers and I still see a job provider disrupted, which suddenly went from 6 to 20 jobs per 14 days and also changed my ability to work from 20 to 23 hours. My back will never improve, only if the weather goes on. I did not know that the supplier could tell myself what my ability to work was. I was also wondering why I now had to look for 20 jobs per 14 days instead of 6, the answer I received was how I would find a job that applied for 6 positions, and that it had to be beautiful. Wtf… I just took a course that my job provider pointed out to me, and I got a very casual job out of it, and a lot of the work is not at all suitable for my back, at the moment I walk with my back, because I have only worked 7 to 10 hours a week. My employment provider presses and is still waiting for my new employer to give me 23 hours a week, but when I start doing this amount with the work I do, my back will again be sore (I know for years of experimentation with my injury) Even now that I`ve earned some casual jobs, the disabled job provider now wants me to go out there 2 to 3 times a week looking for a job and most peoles do not want to treat anyone with a back injury and was on work protection for. What exactly are my legal requirements, how many likely positions and who decides my ability to work? This disability provider lets me spend hours and asks for at least 20 jobs every time I go there. And she wants me two or three times a week. Job seekers in the Green Zone or Alert Zone: from today, you have two working days to contact your supplier if you miss a reciprocal commitment obligation to avoid freezing your income assistance. If you are in online employment services, please sign up for your Jobactive dashboard within two business days to meet the missed requirement.

I would like to stay with the same employment agency because they are in favour of aid and they have achieved employment results. Jobactive says too badly, your agency is not allowed to properly divide the information in the system and you can`t change the system. You say that even with the right information, it`s too late. It`s in the system, he can`t change it and you can`t tell anyone. They are not interested in the individual and it is clear, in the repugnant way of staff to talk to clients, that they do not care.

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