Lira Agreement

Two previous agreements are in force for jurisdictions that are not parties to the 2016 agreement; The 1968 agreement applies between Saskatchewan and the other provinces, with the exception of Prince Edward Island, which does not regulate retirement plans, and the 1969 agreement between Saskatchewan and the Canadian government. Contrary to expectations, the central bank did not raise interest rates at its last meeting in July. Since then, the lira has lost about 25% of its value and last week`s data showed that annual inflation rose in August to 17.9%. The TRYTOM-D3 read has lost about 40 percent of its value against the dollar this year, due to concerns about Erdogan`s influence on monetary policy and a diplomatic dispute between Turkey and the United States. Investors expect the central bank to provide an interest rate hike at Thursday`s meeting, but analysts` forecasts of the magnitude of the rise vary widely as the bank balances concerns about the weak read with concerns about a slowdown in activity. For more information on the agreements, visit the Canadian Association of Pension Control Authorities website. The Central Bank of Turkey will meet on Thursday and is expected to raise interest rates to support the lira. According to a Reuters survey, the key interest rate is expected to be raised from 225 to 725 basis points. Erdogan, who has declared himself the enemy of high interest rates, called the lira crisis an “economic war” against Turkey and repeatedly asked Turks to sell their savings in dollars to support the lira.

In addition, Turkish exporters have had to convert most of their foreign income into lira. ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has decided that real estate sales and leases should be made to read them to end such foreign currency transactions, in a new step to support the troubled national currency. The decision, published Thursday in the Turkish Official Journal, said that sales contracts and foreign currency leases should be converted into lira within 30 days. The splitting of pension funds can only take place after the breakdown of a conjugal relationship and in accordance with a court order or an interim agreement under the Family Property Act. A division cannot be done without a court order or agreement. The sharing of pension benefits is not mandatory. A couple may prefer to share the family property, or the courts may order it, which does not involve the sharing of pension benefits. Pension plan members may, under certain conditions, receive pension benefits under a defined benefit plan while they are working and receiving other benefits under that plan.

If you have the right to start your pension, the plan is not necessary for you to withdraw money.


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