Luzerne County Community College Articulation Agreement

Misericordia students who have obtained at least 30 credits to the LCCC have the right to have the Misricordia credits returned to LCC in order to meet the remaining requirements for an associate degree. Misericordia will provide free transcripts to participants in this agreement. Interested students should contact Rosana Reyes, vice-president of winding management at the LCCC in Wilkes University and Maricopa County Community College District have signed a joint agreement that paves the way for Community College students to transfer easily and graduate from Wilkes University with a bachelor`s degree in business. The Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration is comfortably online. Learn more about the program on our website or by contacting: GenEd to Gened: This agreement applies to students who have an Arts Associate (A.A.) or a Science Associate (A.S.) A graduate of Luzerne in a course that the student received in the fall of 2002 or later, he enrolled for the first time in Temple for or after the fall 2011 semester. For these students, Temple agrees to accept the general education integrated into Lucerne`s diplomas as the compliance with all the requirements of its basic university program (Gen Ed). To apply for this program, please complete the Dual Admissions Intent form (CLICK HERE FOR APPLY) and send it to either the LCCC Reception and Advising Centre or the Wilkes University Accreditation Service. All students are asked to read the agreement before completing the Dual Admissions Intent form. For more information, please contact: In addition, all LCCC AS diplomas are entitled to dual admission to the BS in MU`s professional studies. All of the above programs require a minimum average of 2.0, with the exception of BS in derment care, which requires a minimum gpa of 2.75 euros with a valid RN license.

To apply for dual admission to one of the programs listed above, click on the following link: Transfer Students – Please visit this link on the myMU portal to read our transfer equivalency guide. You can also ask the accreditation body about other program-specific issues, as some mu programs may require specific courses. If you do not see your university/university in the guide, please contact your admissions advisor for more information.


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