Maintenance Hvac Agreements

Can I benefit from preferential service with a maintenance contract? A big challenge in the C. sector is to keep your customers above the needs of their own systems. Unfortunately, few customers book their own seasonal services and tune-ups. It is best to send C. seasonal email reminders or phone calls through regular system maintenance. This will help you recover and fulfill your schedule. If they are not included, then the maintenance contract may not be worth the money. If you knew something was wrong with your car, you wouldn`t stop thinking twice about paying for the necessary maintenance of your vehicle. It`s time to look at your CCC system in the same way.

Your hlK system needs to be serviced as regularly as your car, if not more, and the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is our CoolCare™ Comprehensive Cooling Maintenance Agreement. A full COVERAGE contract is the ultimate insurance policy that covers all parts and manpower, emergency services and preventative maintenance. This is the most expensive cover mode, but it can save you a lot of money if you need expensive repairs. A full coverage contract also allows you to budget your C. repair costs, and gives you security because you don`t have to worry about surprises. It includes several scheduled maintenance visits in one year during which your technician checks, cleans, tests and repairs your CC unit. The agreement is usually of two types – a full employment contract (covers replacement, repair and maintenance work, but not parts) and a full roofing contract (covering all parts and work, maintenance and emergency service). We have developed our maintenance plans to ensure that all CCC facilities operate safely.

With a maintenance subscription, you can also be sure that your hlK system will be more reliable and that your home will be more comfortable, regardless of the situation outside. Our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) program is an annual maintenance contract that includes 1-2 visits per year. The value to the customer is the most comprehensive and in-depth time, savings and coordination available in Northern California. If you sign up for one of our ProtectionPlus or ServicePlus maintenance programs below, you get all the benefits of the All Weather Heating, Air and Solar Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) program. Benefits such as emergency service, free precision voting, extended device life, preferred customer status, security and MORE! Our maintenance contracts will save you money and time, while ensuring your system is working properly and that your efficiency is at its maximum. Even in case of a problem or emergency, you have a professional stand-by to meet your needs! Imagine you show up to use a system and forget that you promised a supplementary vote; or forget a spare part or one of your technicians misses the fifth step in the maintenance process for half of your customers` units. While some of these agreements may save you some money in the long run, others may be a waste of money depending on what is in the contract itself. Billing to regular customers and service agreements consistently Most agreements cost between $150 and $500 per year. Consider the amount of a repair order and consider the likelihood of your new AC unit collapsing within a year.

Not probably more than once, but even. This agreement allows our customers to get many other amenities and services (which we will detail later), but the general point is that these agreements help extend the life of your hlK system and make sure things go as well as possible.


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