New York Cema Agreement

CEMA is synonymous with Consolidation, Extension, And Modification Agreement. CEMA loans can only be granted in New York State. A CEMA loan is an agreement between the existing lender and the new lender to consolidate two or more loans into a new consolidated loan. This is often used by existing homeowners who want to refinance their home or by potential buyers who want to save mortgage rights. The purchase of CEMA mortgages is only an option for the purchase of single-family homes or residential units. As a result, a co-op apartment is not at issue for CEMA, as such property is not considered real estate; instead, it is considered a personal property. Since CEMA refinancing may take longer than normal, the process can be lengthy depending on how quickly the bank`s lawyer and the original lender and/or their lawyer are willing to cooperate. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you explore your interest or wish for CEMA at an early stage of the refinancing process. Although CEMA saves you money in many cases, this is not necessarily the fastest process. The State of New York and any previous lender must make a special signature to have mortgage and securities transfers processed in accordance with CEMA rules, so that you can only pay taxes on the new money of the transaction and not on the full principal balance.

In fact, in New York, it will take between 60 and 90 days before your loan is closed. New York imposes a tax on NYS mortgages or, in particular, a record tax on new mortgage debt. This rate varies by county, with the minimum amount being 1.05 per cent of the loan amount. But fortunately, homeowners are not forced to pay tax again as soon as they refinance. The advantage of a CEMA loan is that you only pay taxes on the difference between your new loan and the outstanding principal balance of your current loan. As a result, a borrower borrows a CEMA loan to avoid all or part of the mortgage tax payment. At Better Mortgage, your credit officer will work with you to conduct a preliminary analysis to see if a CEMA or refinancing is less expensive. Once your loan is blocked, our bank lawyer will contact you to confirm any savings. If you change your mind after being blocked, you can alternate for free between CEMA and refinancing. . Once we confirm that your CEMA has been approved, we will remove the Section E mortgage registration tax, and your acquisition costs will decrease by that amount. Please note that there are other fees that are grouped into “transfer taxes,” so the entire “transfer tax” category does not represent your potential savings.

If you want to better understand your potential CEMA savings, your credit officer can provide a preliminary estimate, which will be confirmed by our lawyer after the blockage. To start the CEMA process and transfer fees, contact a familiar CEMA expert to find out if you qualify and if CEMA is the best option for you. As a general rule, however, to qualify for CEMA, you must take care of real estate, either houses or condos. This is because CEMA is only applicable when a mortgage registration fee is levied, which CEMA tries to avoid. Another restriction is that both the original lender and the new lender are willing to cooperate and accept CEMA. Finally, the seller of the property must also give his approval to THE CEMA. Get prior authorization in just 3 minutes if you apply for a loan on And if you`re looking for the right property, Better Real Estate is here to help – plus, you can save on acquisition fees if you work with one of our agents.


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