Prayer Points For Agreement

And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will wake him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. This form of prayer contrasts with 20-minute sermons disguised as prayers or 15-minute monologues on 17 themes. The word says that we know that we have the requests we have wished him when we do what he loves (1 John 3:22). Assemble these sacred writings, and you will soon see that the unforgivable would in fact ruin the entire prayer system. There are many different ways that God can speak to us in prayer. What is beautiful about such a conversational prayer is that the Holy Spirit can speak to the group and guide another prayer by presenting new ideas or distinctiveness that arise from listening. These are beautiful times when you feel the Spirit of God and the unity that develops from the united prayer and stays “in the river” of the Holy Spirit. This kind of group prayer seems to be a random noise instead of creating a solid foundation. If Jesus himself will truly be in the midst of two or three faithful who pray in agreement and in accordance with God the Father, it means that Jesus hears his prayer loud and clear. And if Jesus hears his prayer loud and clear, these two or three faithful will have a very good chance of making their prayers heard by God the Father.

But here`s the secret for those of you who may not be aware of it. God has resurrected many people who are particularly anointed and gifted in the field of intercession prayer. Our God is a very jealous and possessive God. Because of the very extreme, passionate, jealous and devouring type of fire love that he has for each of us on an individual basis, it is my personal conviction that he often wants us to approach him one by one in our personal prayer life. That is why it would be a blessing of the supreme order if God ever allowed you to meet not only one or two of them, but to come into contact from time to time with some of them to fulfill a more difficult order of prayer. But there will also be other times when He wants you to unite and join him with some other believers in your specific prayer requests. 1. Because of the extreme power that lies on this particular mystery of prayer, I believe that you really need to be guided by the Holy Spirit, when to use this particular mystery and when not to use it. Praying in harmony is a powerful way to effectively deal with questions in prayer when responding to the conduct of the Holy Spirit. It combines the opposing gifts of the individual and strengthens communion with the Holy Spirit. A deep sense of Koinonia can develop in the group, while continuing to unite in prayer.

If, as the old covenant says, “a man [could] hunt a thousand,” then “two could strike ten thousand to flee,” then the seizure of power and the result is exponential if they are united in the agreement. (Deuteronomy 32:30) Here is what I personally discovered about this particular secret of prayer in my personal walk with the Lord. As a result of these particularly anointed and anointed prayer warriors, so successful and so powerful in their personal life of prayer with the Lord, many of these people are not known – not only from most of the herds of the Church to which they belong, but they are not even known to their own pastors or other officials of their Church. God has many of these mighty warriors of prayer who are kept in the shadows.


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