Verbal Agreement South African Law

It should be noted that the rule does not apply to oral agreements reached after the conclusion of the written document. Therefore, a subsequent oral contract to amend or revoke the written agreement may be submitted, unless the contract is prescribed by law to be written, as such a contract cannot be amended by a subsequent oral agreement, although it may be cancelled by such an agreement. Similarly, if the contract itself provides that it can be different only in writing, an oral amendment is annigable and it appears that it is also an oral agreement to terminate the contract. Unless it has been expressly abolished, as in the case of insurance contracts, the first contract (residual position) may be reinstated if the second contract bends, as if it is declared null and void for illegality. There is a presumption against innovation, so that “if in doubt, the court prefers not to involve novation”. [200] An important case in this regard is Electric Engraving Process and Stereo Co/Irwin:[201] In other words, the court ruled for the applicant; in that case, the parties had opted for a non-variation clause in the lease and had therefore excluded themselves from the oral modification of their lease. The transfer of fiduciary security is an ordinary assignment of a personal right as collateral related to a trust contract that is an ordinary contract. In the event of a security of a personality right, the ownership of the right of the person is retained by the assignor, while only the quasi-ownership is transferred to the creditor of the transfer (pfand). Therefore, any electronic communication is as restrictive as formal written agreements on paper. Many commercial transactions involve both bond and property rights and therefore have elements of ownership, compulsory or contractual. For example, a sales contract requires the seller to deliver the thing sold to the buyer.

As such, this is the underlying cause or reason for the subsequent transfer of ownership. However, it does not result in the transfer carried out by the effective agreement (the converging intentions of the parties to proceed and receive the transfer of ownership). If the underlying contract is not valid, the ownership nevertheless goes away because South African law is more consistent with the abstract system than causal of transmission. However, the assignor usually has the possibility of a restitution action to repair the property. The above is a simple example of an oral agreement reached after a written agreement has been reached.


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