Water Line Extension Agreement

(d) payments. The provisions of this subsection apply only to permanent services and not to line extensions under KMC 11.06.030. In order for the costs of building power lines to be adequately and timely by the ECP, the following provisions apply: 3. The PPU is granted to the PPU at no cost and at no cost, in the form required by the PPU, for power-feeding facilities, as long as it is necessary for the extension of power lines and for construction. , the operation and maintenance of all PPU facilities, both on and off the head and underground, as well as such facilities on the field where the power line is extended, are considered necessary to allow for future extensions of the line. (5) A description of all the developer`s land that can be connected to the extension of the water main; c) The PPU will decide on its own whether a supply request requires the construction of an extension of the line. The PPU`s decision will be based on sound engineering practices and the interest of the ECP. (b) the following conditions must be met and met as conditions for acceptance of the extension of the pipe by the PPU: (4) The value and relative utility of the water service for each owner of each package; (e) conditions and restrictions. In addition to all other conditions imposed by the PPU in a major water renewal contract, all return costs in this section are subject to the following conditions: (6) A description of all valves, stub outs or other work provided by the developer to allow the owner to establish a link with the water pipe; One.

The PPU contributes to the costs of constructing a new extension of the power line up to the following amounts: (i) the PPU will proceed with the development of the line and determine the total cost of the development of the line for all the owners concerned, deducting the normal contribution to construction charges that the supply company would normally have to pay, and the landowner will assume responsibility for all other construction costs; and “Developer” is a landowner who builds and pays the costs of building a water line or the successor of interest to that owner. Subdivision of land is not considered a proponent unless, as part of the provision of an extension of the water main to its land, the sub-stretch provides a main extension of water to which owners of other lands can be connected; (e) the PPU may require the applicant to apply for the renewal contract with an approved contractor with the required qualifications by the State to construct and install the power line. b) any line renewal requested requires the signing of a contract between the applicant seeking the procurement service and the ECP. This contract provides for the transfer of ownership of the supply extension to the PPU. All institutions become and remain the property of the PPU. (4) No liability for the PPU. The sole obligation and responsibility of the PPU is to pay the developer all the recovery fees he collects and to separate all service lines for which a back-registration fee was due but not paid. The PPU does not take out any guarantee or assurance that a win-win fee will be collected by an owner.

The promoter must release, release, defend, defend and keep unscathed from a link without payment of the salvage fee, without payment of the salvage fee, without payment of the recovery fee.


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