World Rugby Participation Agreement

To participate in the 2019 Rugby World Cup (“RWC”), each participating Union had to sign the participation agreement. It defines the conditions for the participation of the teams – the obligations they owe and the obligations that World Rugby must. To simplify, it is a contract that governs the participation of teams in the RWC. This led Dodson to say: “World Rugby refers us to the participation agreement. We have received legal advice from a leading QC that puts World Rugby`s interpretation in a position of injury. “As explained at Thursday`s press conference in Tokyo, the fundamental principle that could allow us to explore an abandonment of the conditions of participation is a fair and consistent application of reprogramming for all teams in a safe environment for teams, fans and important gaming services. Rules are rules, if they participate, they are required to follow all the rules. A natural disaster of this magnitude, with so many dead, missing and underwater homes. Forcing the home team to play in these circumstances is inhumane, of course, not unsportsmanlike. Scotland should be forced to formally apologise to the Japanese people and should not be allowed to play at the next World Cup. It`s a black eye on rugby.

The RMC should still hurt Scotland! It was proposed that the SRU did not actually sign the participation agreement, so it should not be bound by the tournament rules. But for World Rugby, it wouldn`t necessarily be fatal. In Modahl v. British Athletics Federation, the Court of Appeal accepted that there are different bases on which sports parties can enter into agreements with governing bodies, one of which is “participation”. The SRU is considered bound by the only participation in the RWC, which is subject to the rules of the tournament. 18.2 After their establishment, these agreements must only be respected if they are amended and/or supplemented by a written agreement between the Visiting Union and the Host Union, provided such an agreement is in force at least seven days before the match. “The predicted magnitude and effects of the typhoon and the complexity of the team`s eight-game movements meant that uniform application was simply not possible without compromising safety. That is why it was fair and fair for all teams to maintain the position defined in the conditions of participation. 23.4 Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 23.1 and 23.2, if a game cannot be launched on the scheduled date, it is considered delayed. Decisions on the length of the delay are made as early as possible on the day of the match and in agreement between the Host Union and the Host Union. After full consultation with the Visiting Union, the Host Union has the exclusive right to determine the date of the late kick-off.

23.5 If a match is cancelled after the start by the referee and cannot be completed on the same day, it is postponed as soon as possible, after consultation with the Host Union and the Host Union. There is a wide-ranging consultation between the Host Union and the Visiting Union, during which both sides try to make an appointment to reschedule the game, but in the absence of such an agreement, the Host Union has the exclusive right to determine when the cancelled match will be postponed.


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